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Too Faced Sweet Peach Lip Oil Gloss Review

On my most recent Sephora visit I decided to pick up one of the new-ish Too Faced Sweet Peach Lip Oil Glosses in Papa Don’t Peach

This gloss retails for $19usd / $24cdn and contains 0.14oz of product.

“Pucker up with our silky, smooth, peach oil infused lip gloss that smells and tastes like fresh picked peaches.”


The packaging itself is very sleek and I personally find it very visually pleasing. The individual glosses themselves are colour matched to the lid making it easy to figure out what shade you’re using, as well as the clear plastic tubing showing off the product itself. 


This gloss as a very obvious peach smell to it, reminiscent of peach candy. It is a rather strong scent so if you’re very sentisive these glosses may not be for you. The peach smell lasts for about an hour once applied on the lips, then slowly dissipates over time. By about the two hour mark there is no scent left over. 


The formula of these glosses is very true to name. These glosses are Oil based, so they are very hydrating and aren’t sticky at all. They remind me of the Colourpop Ultra Glossy Lips in the sense that they don’t stick when you press your lips together and they’re very long wearing, but I have to say this Too Faced gloss is more hydrating to my lips overall.

“Includes: Lip-loving PEACH OIL, COCONUT OIL and VITAMIN E to soften and moisturize lips.”

The gloss itself isn’t overly pigmented or overly sheer, it’s a perfect medium coverage, and the shade itself is a gorgeous brown toned peachy nude. 

Wear Time

For glosses I’m normally not one to care about longevity because I don’t mind reapplying, but surprising these glosses last a long time. For me, without drinking or eating this particular shade will last up to four hours on me before needing touch up. If I press my lips together a lot or eat and drink I’ll need to touch up sooner, by about the 2-3 hour mark. Again, I’m not overly bothered by this.


I think if you can pick up one or two glosses from this range, you should do it. They aren’t cheap, but in my opinion the formula is worth the price point. Would I pick up them all? Personally I wouldn’t simply because I don’t like all of the shades, I would however pick up the darker shades and I do hope they further this line in the future to feature more shade selection. 

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My Favorite Lipsticks

Hey everyone! Today I decided to tell you my favorite lipstick shades from each brand I own. Trust me when I say it was not an easy task, but I did it!

* Bite Beauty ~ Pepper

* Jeffree Star Cosmetics ~ Celebrity Skin

* Kat Von D ~ Magick

* Buxom Cosmetics ~ Rosè

* Urban Decay ~ Backtalk

* Bite Beauty ~  Mauvember (LE)
The reason I chose these as my favorite tube lipsticks of all time, is because each has an amazing formula, and colour pay off! I typically don’t wear lipstick on the daily, but when I grab for a tube lipstick these are the ones I gravitate towards.

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