Bdellium Tools Review

Pronounced Dellium Tools, Bdelluim Tools was kind enough to send me some products to try out and review! 

When I received my package, I had to pay $22 in custom fees. They were kind enough to reimburse me for this charge.

I was a little disappointed when I noticed that I received none of the brushes I had asked for, as the ones that were sent, only 3 are types I will end up using. The lipstick shade they sent was a bright red, which I also do not typically wear. 

These are the products I received. The 755, 988, 948, 763, 733 and the Lipstick in Dorthy.

My favorite brush has to be the BDHD 988! The bristles are so soft and I can see myself using this to Powder under the eyes. 

Another favorite is the 755 as this will work lovely for packing colour on the inner corner.

This lipstick packaging is gorgeous. Though the shade is not up my alley, the formula is quite nice! 

Once applied to the lips it feels creamy, and doesn’t drag whatsoever. It’s a small bit patchy in some places, but nothing too terrible!

Although I do not enjoy red Lipsticks, the formula of this makes me want to try more from their line in the future!

I would definitely purchase more from Bdellium Tools, as the quality is amazing for the price!

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*these products were sent from Bdelluim Tools but all opinions are my own**


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