Lime Crime OPALS Hi-Lite Palette REVIEW + Swatches

My friend shared a photo of herself wearing the most BEAUTIFUL Highlighter I had ever seen! I immediately asked what it was, and she replied “The new limecrime one!” I, of course went and purchased this as soon as I could. If you’d like to see swatches, and my thoughts on this palette, just keep on reading.

The Opals Hi-Lite Palette by Lime Crime Cosmetics retails for $38usd and contains a total net weight of 21g (0.75oz) OR 3 shades containing 7g (0.25oz) each. 

( If you’re international like me, it’s nice to note that shipping to Canada was only $8. )

The palette contains three shades: Pink, Gold and Peach. 


The highlighters come in a pretty holographic cardboard packaging with a sturdy magnetic lid. I think for the price point the packaging is pretty spot on



The texture on these highlights fascinate me. In comparison to other textures, they feel more powdery than Colourpop Super Shock Highlighters, but they apply creamy like say a Becca Highlighter. 

If you prefer a more blinding/intense highlight, I suggest using a more dense brush to pick up the product. I actually use a small blush brush to apply these as I find this creates the most beautiful, intense glow I’ve ever seen in a Highlight. 

If you prefer a more subtle highlight, this palette can still be for you! If I apply them with a fan brush, or a normal tapered highlight brush, upon initial application the glow is far more subtle, and if you blend it can create a beautiful lit from within glow. 

Photo Below: Peach Hi Lite mixed with very little Lucky Clover from the MOONCHILD palette

Wear Time

Sadly I find the highlighters in this palette wear off the fastest of all of my highlighters, but since the packaging itself is rather sleek I wouldn’t mind reapplying them.

When I applied Peach, it lasted around 4 1/2 hours. This includes a setting spray on top. If this bothers you, that would be something to consider when buying this palette. Personally it doesn’t bother me. 

I’ve yet to try the others, but since they have a more powdery texture, I assume they’ll react the same. 


I really enjoy the highlighters in this palette, specifically PEACH! I find myself gravatating towards that shade more than any other Highlight I own. Pink and Gold are beautiful as well, but the star of the show for me has to be Peach. 

I think regardless if you love a more subtle highlight, or a blinding one, you’ll enjoy this hi-Lite palette. 

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Thanks for reading! 


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