BH Cosmetics Blacklight Highlighter Palette Review with swatches | MakeupbytashaXO

Hey everyone! Duochrome seems to be the new trend right now, and recently I’ve been on a highlighter kick and have been buying them like craaazy! I noticed that BH Cosmetics has released two Highlighter palettes, and one happened to be duochrome based (hello MOONCHILD dupe?!) So I had to buy it to try out for you guys!

The Backlight Highlighter Palette retails for $16.99usd and contains 1.23oz of product in total (.2oz per highlight).

Embrace the ethereal allure of our Blacklight Highlight 6 Color Palette, an assortment of iridescent shimmer powders that produce enchanting effects. The pearlized pastels conjure up daring, dreamy looks when applied above cheekbones, above and beneath brows, on inner eye corners, Cupid’s bow, bridge of nose, shoulders, collarbone & anywhere you’d normally highlight. Apply colors individually or layer and blend to create a pigment of your imagination!


This palette is sleek with a magnetic opening, and contains a large mirror which is a huge plus. The six pans that hold each shade are huge which means you can pack on that glow and won’t run out fast. 

There are a total of six Highlighter shades in this palette. 
Strobe — a cool toned white

Electra — a yellow toned champagne

Laser — a green toned champagne duochrome

Kween — a cool toned blue duochrome

Illusion — a cool toned pink/purple duochrome

On Point — a dark pink duochrome


Personally I find this Highlighter formula to be AMAZING! Each iridescent shade feels buttery soft, has great pigmentation, and leaves a beautiful pearlized effect on your skin. 

Strobe does kick up a bit of powder from the pan, so keep that in mind if that’s an issue you can’t look over. 

The rest don’t kick up any product when putting a brush into the powder, and apply without any fallout. 

Wear Time

These wear extremely well! I was out from 5pm until 12:30am and they didn’t fade one bit! In the previous videos I used every shade to create a very bold, out of this world Highlighter (I gotta admit, I kind of felt like the tin man, buuut I rocked it 😉🤣)


These highlighters aren’t for those who prefer the natural glow from within — these are more so for the daring who enjoy a glow to the heavens look, and while they can be sheered out, they look better work to their full opacity. 

* In the future I’ll be doing a duochrome highlight comparison blog so be sure to follow to get notified! *

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