Jeffree Star Cosmetics ANDROGYNY Palette Review and Swatches

Jeffree Star recently released his second eyeshadow palette, the Androgyny Palette! It includes 10 shades, and is vegan and cruelty free. Of course, being the eyeshadow addict I am, I swiped this up as soon as it launched so I could test out the formula and review it! 

The Androgyny palette is our version of a “neutral” palette. Endless possibilities to create and explore. Experience our 2 finishes: super mattes and metallic. 10 jaw-dropping shades. Extreme pigment.

Personally, I ordered my palette from Beautylish because they have free shipping over $35usd to the U.S and Canada. 


The Palette retails for $45usd and is available on Beautylish and JeffreeStarCosmetics. It contains 10 eyeshadows, with 2.25g per shadow. 


The palette comes in a beautiful burgundy-brown shaded cardboard box. The centre has Jeffree’s logo, along with the name of the palette, with beautiful detailing along the sides. 

The actual product itself comes in Jeffree’s classic hot pink packing, but with a twist! Rather than just cardboard packaging, this palette comes in a faux snake skin sort of packaging. It’s very eye catching and I quite enjoy the feeling of it compared to other cardboard palettes. 

Eyeshadow Formula

There are two metallic/shimmer shades and 8 matte in this palette. Normally that would throw me off, but the formula of the mattes is SO good! Extremely pigmented and buttery. Even swatched the mattes look amazing, which speaks to the amazing formula as with most mattes they swatch hideously.

* — my favourite shades 

Frosting* — a metallic yellow toned gold

Safe Word* — a matte neural light brown

Charm — a matte light orange

Deja Vu — a metallic brown toned deep bronze

Dominatrix — a matte deep brown

Androgyny* — a matte red toned deeper purple

Fetish — a matte burgundy brown

Military* — a matte medium toned army green 

Poison — a matte grey toned green

Swallow — a matte green toned dark blue

Poison and Swallow performed the worse out of all 12 shades. The formula was more dry, and even swatched they looked bleh. 

The rest of the shades performed beautifully when applied to the eye. 

* Frosting, Deja Vu, Safe Word, Charm were used to create this eye look *


The quality of this palette overall is amazing, and while the colour selection isn’t totally up my alley, I can see myself create a ton of looks using this palette. 

I would particularly recommend this palette to those of you who love Matte eyeshadows and could see yourself doing plenty of looks using the shades in this palette. 

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