The Saharan Palette by Juvia’s Place REVIEW and SWATCHES

Juvia’s Place has released the Saharan Palette which retails for $28usd. You can use a discount code and get roughly 10% off which brings the total down to around $25usd. 


Now for some background on the palette itself; The inspiration for this palette comes from African culture, as does all of the other palettes in the line. This palette was specifically inspired by the Wodaabe festivities of the Fulani culture. 

This palette contains the same amount of product as the original Nubian palette (18g/ .63oz) with the Saharan palette being slightly larger with the pans more spread out. (Personally I love the way the shadows are laid out within the palette.)

This palette contains 12 eyeshadows; 6 Metallic shades, 6 Satin shades and 4 Matte shades. 

Every shade in this palette is extremely pigmented, including the black matte shade called Chad which swatched terribly but in application applied beautifully. 

Personally I didn’t find the mattes to be chalky or have incredible amounts of fallout, same goes for the metallics and Satin shades, all of which performed perfectly when applied to the eye and lid area.

My personal favorite shades from this palette are Wodaabe, Bororo and Fula. (Of course these are all metallic shades) These shades for me are the ones I can see myself gravitating towards. 

This is the makeup look I did using the Saharan palette. The shades I used were Fula, Sokoto, Jamila, Katsina, Iman, Bororo and Zoya. These shadows applied extremely pigmented and had little to no fallout. They blended effortlessly together without becoming muddy, and as you can see all of these shades worked beautifully together to create this pink/burgundy toned eye look. 

All in all I would recommend this palette if you enjoy these types of shades. The formula is one of the best on the market, with all shades being very buttery and highly pigmented. 

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